Best dishes of Tay Nguyen wild forest

Bamboo shoots sticky rice

It is just sticky rice cooked from familiar glutinous rice, cleverly combined with bamboo shoots, but has become a familiar breakfast dish for everyone in Kon Tum.

The way to make sticky rice with bamboo shoots is quite simple and not very fussy. Fresh bamboo shoots after being dug in the forest for peeling off, then washed and sliced. Through preliminary processing to lose the smell, bamboo shoots are stir-fried with spices to become rich delicious. Choose good sticky rice and soak it in dilute salt water, add some turmeric powder for coloring up for about 8 hours, then bring it to cook.

Holding a unique feature in the charm of color with a little bright yellow of wild bamboo shoots, placed on a bowl of turmeric sticky rice, bamboo shoots sticky rice attracts passersby with a special fragrance, making many people pass by to buy a sticky rice in time to go for work. Inadvertently, that delicious dish became something to hold people on the streets of the Central Highlands once again.


Bamboo shoots sticky rice (Source: Internet)

Sour fish

If you have a opportunity to visit Kon Tum, do not miss the chance to enjoy the sour fish specialties of the Jep Trieng people, a dish full of flavors of the mountains. The sour fish is made easily but also requires precision. The fish for sour fish is a goby, a fish that resembles a floating fish, but its body is flattened and smaller, which lives in rivers and streams in the Central Highlands.

The longer sour fish is preserved, the more delicious it has. They become more flavor thanks to the spices penetrated deeply into the fish meat, makes the diners feel salty, the spicy of wild chili, the sweetness of the leaves, the aroma of the corn, and the sour taste from the fermented mixture.

Sour fish (Source: Internet)

Fried cricket in Kon Tum

If you travel to Kon Tum, do not forget to enjoy the specialties of fried crickets to feel the aroma, richness without getting bored. The dish made from crickets is quite unfamiliar to the people in the delta, but for the ethnic minorities of Kon Tum, the dishes made from crickets have become familiar and very popular. There are many types of crickets such as rice crickets, charcoal crickets, and fire crickets, but for cooking, only rice crickets are delicious.

To have a plate of fragrant golden crickets need to go through many steps of processing. First, the crickets must be washed, drained, then put them in a pan of boiling oil. In that way, the parts such as the head, legs, etc. of the cricket become crunchy, while the body of the cricket doesn't lose its inherent fat taste. Next, to make the cricket dish more flavorful, people added more species, such as chili, lime leaves, and chopped lemongrass to roast together. While adding them, must roast quickly so that the lime leaves won't lose their green color.

Fried cricket in Kon Tum (Source: Internet)