Bien Ho – the PLEIKU's eyes

Bien Ho also known as Lake T’nung or To-nung, meaning a mountain lake, and annually attracts thousands of visitors to visit and travel. Especially, this place is also chosen by many couples as a place to preserve their wedding photos because of the romantic and peaceful landscape. The scenery of Bien Ho is peaceful all year round like a giant mirror located in the heart of Pleiku mountain city, a place to find peace after the daily bustle.

Bien Ho – the PLEIKU's eyes (Source: Internet)

About 7km from the center of Pleiku, Gia Lai Province to the West, before coming to Bien Ho, visitors will follow a long road lined by three-leaf pine trees with the smell of mountains and forest, the smell of red soil and greenery. Besides being compared as the floating pearl of Pleiku in particular as well as that of Gia Lai in general, Bien Ho is also the "fish bowl" of the Central Highlands.

You can rent a boat to enjoy panoramic views of the Lake and take beautiful photos while visiting here. In addition to Bien Ho, visitors can visit other landmarks in this red land highland such as Dai Doan Ket Square, Phu Cuong waterfall, Ho Troi, etc.