Dishes that you shouldn't miss in Kon Tum

The Mang Den breed

The Mang Den breed of the indigenous people are raised on the natural food of the mountains, so the meat is firm and very nutritious. The largest one in adulthood is less than 20 kg. They are cleaned of bristles and removed for organs; then marinated with spices from Mang Den mountain forest. They are roasted on charcoal fire until the skin stretching golden, crunchy, and radiantly fragrant.

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Kon Tum leaf salad

It seems you’d ever come to Kon Tum without eating their leaf salad. Only one dish fully performed, because the "right quality" leaf salad has up to 40-50 types, from familiar vegetables such as: mustard greens, perilla, lentils, fig leaves, apricot leaves, onions, basil to the ones that rarely appear in the meal such as: mango leaves, guava leaves, sour leaves, intestinal clusters, five packaging and many separate leaves of the Central Highlands.

(Source: Internet)

Enjoying the dish also needs a style, not in a hurry to "take" all the leaves but must follow the correct steps. Firstly taking the mustard or apricot leaves to roll, then add the sour leaves and some other kinds of them depending on the diners, roll into a small funnel, put the bacon, shrimp, pork skin, etc. into the "funnel", don’t forget to add pepper and salt, a little sauce.