EaKao Lake - Rustic, beautiful image of mountains and forests

Landing on Buon Ma Thuot coffee capital, do not miss Eakao Lake - a freshwater lake with many hydroelectric values that is often frequented by local people to visit and entertain. Only more than 10km away from Ban Me city center, Eakao Lake in Ede ethnic language means that the never-ending lake attracts tourists, beside other famous destinations such as Dray-nur waterfall, Trinh Nu waterfall, Buon Don, Lăk lake, etc. of this red land.

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The path to the profile are tall vertical trees with a variety of trees of which most are rubber, eucalyptus and dipterocarp. In each Fall, the entrance leading to Lake Eakao turns back into a picturesque romantic path with yellow leaves covered all the paths. Around the lake, the locals breed more types of cattle such as pigs, cows, chickens, etc. If coming to EaKao Lake in June, visitors will be beheld Eakao is running out of water which revealing very beautiful green grass.

Xuan Huong Lake - Sparkling in the heart of Da Lat

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Xuan Huong Lake and the flower city of Da Lat perhaps not be a strange and new destination to many tourists. Therefore, in the selection of famous beautiful lakes in Vietnam cannot mention the "floating mirror" of the foggy city. The name as such above because the lake is fragrant with the scent of the pine forest and the gentle scent of the flower garden in spring, the local people named the Lake as Xuan Huong.