Moc Chau and wild cuisine of Tay Bac

Smoked buffalo meat       

Smoked buffalo meat is present in special occasions of black Thai people such as festivals, weddings, ceremonies, etc. Tourists who come to Moc Chau always want to buy some smoked buffalo meat as a gift. Simply because it has become the brand known by this land.

Smoked buffalo meat used with vegetables sauce is a delicious dish of Thai people in Moc Chau.

In order to produce the right pieces of delicious buffalo meat, black Thai women have to be very careful in the selection of ingredients and preservation. They chose the corn meat from the healthy buffalo, which slaughtered recently, and sliced them into pieces, salted with white salt and hung upstairs in the kitchen. The smoke from the cooking process will slowly cook the buffalo meat, helping the sweet substances in the meat to congregate and dry. About a year later, it can be taken down gradually.

There are many delicious dishes cooked from smoked buffalo meat such as warming, stewing, baking, etc. No matter how you do it, the salty taste, the blackness of salt and the smoke have been lingering for a long time, making the unforgettable taste of the dish.

Smoked buffalo meat (Source: Internet)

Fermented bean curd calves

Fat, skin and thinly sliced young veal, blanched in boiling water and then marinated with spices including ginger, pepper, lemongrass, satay, etc. The dish impresses any guest because the soft and sweet young veal pieces are heated through boiling oil and emit fragrantly.

Fermented bean curd calves (Source: Internet)

Suoi Bang stone snail

Suoi Bang snail usually appears more in the rainy season, from August to November of the lunar calendar. These snails living in ravine are very popular by their delicious taste, different from other common snails. Snails, after being washed, will be cooked into many delicious dishes. The most common is to boil lemongrass, cook a sour leaf soup or make a mango salad. The crispy taste of the snail combining with the pungent chili is very suitable for drinking parties with friends.

Suoi Bang stone snail (Source: Internet)

Roasted jungle fish

Although jungle fish in Moc Chau is small, it can eat both meat and bone and its flavor is very attractive, not fishy. Fish caught in the stream shall be washed, taken out their organs and marinated with cocoon, lemongrass, chili, etc. then roasting on charcoal. When roasting, pay attention to lower the heat so that the fish is evenly browned, their surface getting golden, then can be used in hot. Roasted jungle fish is best served with chili garlic sauce or spicy chili sauce. Roasted jungle fish used with fish sauce or served with three-color sticky rice is very delicious.

Roasted jungle fish (Source: Internet)

Rau cai meo

Moc Chau cai meo, although a bit bitter, are a favorite dish of many tourists and a delicious dish of local people. Rau cai meo is widely grown in Moc Chau because its cool climate is suitable for the growth and development of plants, just watering and less disease. This specialty clean vegetable dish is processed into different dishes such as dipping hot pot, cooking soup, stir-frying beef, chicken or simply boiled to serve diners.