Phu Tho local cuisine

Doan Hung Grapefruit

In Doan Hung, grapefruit from Chi Dam and Bang Luan communes is the best. Just once tasting a piece of with white, soft, juicy and sweet, grapefruit, its flavor makes us seem like the grapefruit taste is melting into the liver.

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Sour meat

Sour meat is a specialty of Muong people in Thanh Son region, Phu Tho Province. The best meat for this dish is the badger pig naturally raised by the Muong people, which year round eating wild tubers and fruits. If anyone has ever enjoyed it, surely will not forget its characteristic flavor.

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Palm leave rice ball

Phu Ninh is a country known for its palm trees. Besides the palm leaf cone, palm leaf curtain, there is also a specialty here is palm leaf rice ball. To have a handful of palm leaf rice, you must find young palm leaves of newly grown palm trees that are waist-low. Rice cooked, stirred, using a wet towel or hand dipped in cold water to round, roll well, to puree, depending on the serving size for one or more people that divided into large, small balls. Then put in the palm boat, tie one end together, roll over again to tighten. The rice ball of palm leaves dipped with sesame salt, lemongrass salt or roasted pork ribs is very delicious.