Phu Tho local cuisine (Part 2)

Palm silkworms

If palm sticky rice is a culinary dish full of hill and forest scent, the palm silkworm dish attracts people to enjoy because of its intoxicating glaze of forest and earth scent. To make the palm silkworm dish, the first item needed is an earthen oven containing charcoal burned from the old palm tree trunks, looking at the fire-colored embers is enough to evoke attractions.

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Braised palms

With just a pot of water to simmer, drop the palms into the pot, simmer for 5 to 10 minutes and then pour into the basket until the water is drained to eat. The skillful person will give the braised palm a dark brown color. After finishing, the pot has a layer of scum like fat scum floating around the pot.

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Stone moss

Moss is taken, cleaned and mixed with sliced garlic, salt, MSG, onions and a little lard and wrapped in many layers of papaya leaves. The moss wrap is heated in hot charcoal until the papaya leaves burn black, then the mossy flavor blends with garlic and spices to create a special taste.

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