Sour Pho - Lang specialties

Sour Pho is made up of many different ingredients. Cold noodle and sour sauce are two main ingredients of this dish. Above is the golden color of each strand of fried sweet potato, brown yellow color of roasted peanuts, red-orange color of char siu meat, roasted meat and cool green of herbs, pickles, cucumbers. All create a colorful sour pho.

First, the chef will take the noodle, cucumber, shredded carrot and mix it with soy sauce (fermented black soybean) together with a little sour water for absorption and tasty. If preparing for many people, the chef will measure each amount of ingredients, put them in a large bowl to mix and then divide into small bowls. Although it is a cold noodle dish, the noodle when mixed must still be warm in order not to feel cold while eaten.

Sour Pho (Source Internet)

Next, the ingredients will be added to the top of the mixed noodle. In turn, the char siu meat or shredded chicken (sausage), pickled pickles, roasted peanuts, fried sweet potatoes, etc. are divided equally into small bowls by the chef, and then poured with special sour sauce. Before serving for guests, the chef does not forget to add a little onion and herbs to make the dish more delicious.

Diners enjoy Lang sour pho by mixing ingredients well. The way to make sour water has changed if compared to traditional sour pho, but diners still feel the light sour taste that is easy to eat, blending with the richness of meat and the taste of sweet potatoes and roasted peanuts. If you are not afraid to eat spicy, add a few tablespoons of red chili sauce so you can enjoy it deliciously.