Tasty anchovy sauce with vermicelli and roasted pork

On the "cuisine map" of Da Nang, "natural" anchovy sauce with vermicelli and roasted pork has a very prominent position alongside other attractive specialties such as Quang noodles, fish noodle soup, pancakes, pork rolls, etc.

Already a native of Quang, all "experience" the special flavor of this addictive noodle dish. This regional dish is known as anchovy sauce with vermicelli and roasted pork, Danang Bun Mam or Central Bun Mam.

Anchovy sauce with vermicelli and roasted pork is a popular dish. Affordable right from easy to find ingredients, close to life. In the countryside, just around a round, there is a delicious noodle dish. Pork pieces can be raised at home or in the market, weighed vermicelli bought from the street vermicelli oven, a pot of seasoned fish sauce in the kitchen, a pinch of roasted peanuts stored in a jar, pineapple fruit and vegetables in the garden, etc.

Not many tries of cooking, the anchovy sauce with vermicelli and roasted pork can easily become a rich and delicious dish on the family rice tray whenever it needs to change taste. Sometimes, this vermicelli dish is "minimalist" with vermicelli and a bowl of fish sauce mixed with fragrant chopped and then poured on the vermicelli. That is also strong enough to taste the countryside!

In the city, Bun Mam appear from popular sidewalk shops to luxury restaurants. To meet the eating needs of people and visitors, from the original "simple" pork Bun Mam dish, now, Bun Mam will be made with pork ear noodles, Bun Mam with sour meatball, Bun Mam with rolled meatball, mixed Bun Mam, etc.

No matter how it is changed, the "soul" of this folk dish is still the anchovy sauce ingredients. The processing of anchovy sauce requires the processor to be skillful. The first is a delicious seasoning anchovy sauce that is diluted, adding a little spices such as lemon, chili, garlic, sugar, chopped pineapple, etc. Delicious anchovy sauce determines the quality of the vermicelli bowl.

When eating, the seller will spread a layer of raw vegetables at the bottom of the bowl, followed by a layer of vermicelli, meat or meatball, rolls, boiled young jackfruit, crispy yellow onion, roasted peanuts, papaya, and seasoned seasoning sauce has been mixed on top.

Danang Bun Mam (Source Internet)

Those who like to eat spicy often add green peppers or red peppers. Finally, a small spoonful of cashew oil is poured on a bowl of vermicelli to make the dish more flavorful and attractive.

Green vegetables, bean sprouts, papaya shredded, young jackfruit and roasted pork - The indispensable ingredients of Bun Mam.

The rich sardine taste of the Central combining with the sweet aroma of meat, the spicy taste of chili, the freshness of vegetables, the crunchy of peanuts makes those who "naturally" love Bun Mam gloat. Then they must... call another one.

If Hanoi is proud of the vermicelli with fried tofu & shrimp paste, the Southwestern region is famous for the noodles with fish sauce, and Gia Lai has crab vermicelli, Da Nang is also confident to "present" anchovy sauce with vermicelli and roasted pork - a typical cuisine feature of Quang land. The rich and seductive flavor of this dish leaves a deep impression on many visitors to Danang.