In the West, enjoy the strange and familiar fruit – Bael fruit

The species is scattered plating throughout the West with its ruffled appearance giving the bael fruits a mild sour taste and aroma. Just once enjoying will make you unforgettable.

Planting for entertainment but using for eat

Bael fruit tree, also known as cheesewood, has the same family of Limonia. Formerly a kind of tree that grows naturally throughout the Southern continent. But gradually there were only a few growers left to play for shade in places like Cho Gao (Tien Giang) or Giong Trom (Ben Tre).

Previously, the Khmer people in Cau Ke District (Tra Vinh) planted a lot of Bael fruit trees. The tree is about 5 - 7m tall, the older the tree, the more prosperous the fruit. From October of the lunar month, the long lunar month is in the season of ripe bael fruits. Each bael fruit trees can produce 100 or more fruits at full age

The bael fruit is round and round the size of a dry coconut shell, perhaps that is why people also call it a cheesewood. Leave for three days until the bael fruits are ripe, the skin must be white and have a distinct aroma that is to be enjoyed.

Bael fruit (Source Internet)

This type of fruit has a very hard outer shell, so when dropped, it is not broken. Many people enjoy it when separated, they will hear the aroma stimulating the taste buds

When separating the fruit, the intestines have soft brown rice like tamarind color. In which, there are many tiny seeds that are smaller than pomegranate seeds, the taste is sour, sweet, sweet, and crispy and crispy of the seeds and the typical aroma of the fruit. The fruit of the western people is delicious and delicious and has a cooling effect on hot days, so everyone is popular.

 Nowadays, bael fruits are not grown on a large scale, but when the season is ripe, people in the West are busy craving the cold icing sugar